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Dear Customers,

My name is Slimbarszki Lantos, I’m the operator of Private Hosting. I would like to introduce me and my services in a few words.

Detailed introduction...

I have working at large companies for 16 years, where I got experience in IT operations and user support. The remote assistance as a service came into my mind nowadays, because more and more people have to stay at home. I succeded to help many of people so it looks it is a great method of giving support to computer users.

If you need some help or advice related your computer, please contact me.

Best Regards,
Slimbarszki Lantos


Is there anything I can help you with?

Firstly I targeting private individuals and small-sized businesses with my services. I can give you IT support remotely through the internet related to your computers and other devices. Every household has a lot of computer-related issues, therefore the best idea that you write me first and then we can get into contact.


Dear Customers, please read and agree on the terms of service and data protection policy before contacting me.




More informations...

If my phone couldn’t be reach, please leave me a voice message or write an e-mail.
Please call me within 10:00 and 21:00 in hungarian time.

current time in Hungary:

Numbers with 21 prefix can be called with low price tariffs worldwide.

Service area: I am living next by Budapest (Hungary), but my services are independent of location, therefore I can help you in another country as well.

My spoken languages:English (intermediate level), Hungarian (native)

Supporting Methods

Issues are more various, so I have more tools and methods (like Zoho Assist, Teamviewer, VNC, RDP, ssh) to connect your computer and giving you support.

After we disscussed some significant questions, I will send you in e-mail how you can accept my connection request.

Terms and Conditions

  • Negotiation and informations are free.
  • remote support and consultancy:
    First hour: 13 USD / 12 EUR
    Second hour: 10.5 USD / 10 EUR
    Third and after: 7.5 USD / 7 EUR/hour
  • Payment method: Depends on our previous negotiation

Data Protection Policy

Please, open it for more details

This policy valid for all services under portal.

Designation of Data Controller

Behind stands as private individual:

Slimbarszki Lantos
Address: 2220 Vecsés, Kellner Dr. u. 36/B
Country: Hungary
Postal address: H-2220 Vecsés, Postafiók 163.

Designation of Data Protection Officer doesn’t use any data protection officer.

Utilization of managed data

We use managed data only for the related requests of customers. The main purpose of our data management is to keep in contact with customers. Additional purpose is giving support regarding the customer’s needs.

What kind of data we manage

- Customer's name
- E-mail address
- Phone number and similar contact IDs
- IP address and Domain names
- Statistical data: We use the Google Analitycs service to improve our business and serve our customers more successful. In this case the Google acts as data processor and we get back anonymized informations as statistic results.

Managing highly sensitive data: The doesn’t asks passwords and similar authentication datas. We handle this datas based on only of customers requests. In these cases customer have to take responsibilities to change passwords after our supporting work finished.

Parties of data management

The doesn’t transmit the managed data to third parties.

The only one exception from below: Google site statistics. In this case, Google is the data controller and its agreement is the guarantee of your safety.

You can read Google’s terms of service and data protection policy on this given link.


Terms of Service

Please, open it for more details

Who is the provider?

Behind stands as private individual:

Slimbarszki Lantos
Address: 2220 Vecsés, Kellner Dr. u. 36/B
Country: Hungary
Postal address: H-2220 Vecsés, Postafiók 163.

The Service

To give help and support in IT issues through remote access solutions. Additionally repairing, giving advice and consultancy, troubleshooting.

Responsibilities of parties as a provider liable for:

  • Keep the agreement with the customer.
  • Provide its service with the best knowledge in favor of the customer’s interests
  • Negotiate with the customer before get in charge
  • Inform customer about newly arised circumstances during the work flow.

The provider hasn’t any responsibilities for:

  • If the workflow lasts more than 2 hours, provider doesn’t have to process the whole process in one part without partial payment.

The customer liable for:

  • Keep the agreement with the provider.
  • Inform the provider as the best knowledge about its request.
  • Basic principle of resorting the service is the good faith.

Customer doesn’t liable for:

  • Getting the previously agreed work done by the provider, but liable to pay for the already performed work.